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Elephant video from Sri Lanka is shared as from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh


Wild animals in Kerala are confused.

Shrinking natural habitat. Shortage of food. #biodiversity #overpopulation

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A video of an elephant attacking a car filled with people on a road is circulated on social media platforms. Some of the posts claim that it is from Kerala, some claim that it is from Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor and one post generally mentioned “We Indians don’t even wait for fellow humans to cross the road, why will we wait for an animal” in a context that it is from India. And a Facebook post is a compilation video of several clips with the first one as the viral clip which is being discussed in this article.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video clip, a YouTube video dated 6, January 2023 by a user named Sahan is found with matching visuals. It is mentioned as ‘elephant attack vehicle in Sri Lanka’.

When searching with relevant keywords, the website ‘Newsflare’ is found carrying the extended version of the viral video clip. This page gives us the details of the video. It is mentioned, “This is the scary scene showing an elephant attacking a van filled with people in Moneragala, Sri Lanka on January 1. The incident took place on the road that goes through Ala National Park.”

Lankasri News reported this incident on its Youtube channel on 4, January 2023 mentioning that it happened in Sri Lanka.


A video of an elephant attacking a car filled with people on the Sri Lankan road is shared as from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

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