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Rumor has it that elephants were proselytized and joined to the Velankanni Church!


Two Assam Elephants have been bought, baptized and named them Peter and Mary and joined them to the Velankanni Church.



It has been going viral on the social website for the past few years that even the elephant is being converted with a photo of the church priest standing in front of the elephant. The same photo is now being re-circulated that the Assam elephants have been converted and joined to the Velankanni church in Tamil Nadu.

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Followers are also asked us to comment on the authenticity of the photo that spreads that the elephant is proselytized. Therefore, we decided to explore the photo of the elephant in the church.

Fact Check

On August 5, 2017, The Indian Express Malayalam reported, “Social media reports that for the first time in history, the elephant has been converted: but it is a blessing.”

In 2017, photos of the priest of the famous St. George Forane Catholic Church in Aruvithura, Kerala, spraying holy water on an elephant went viral on the internet. Spreading as first time in history the elephant has been converted. The family of PC George, a well – known politician in the area, has got the blessings from the church with an elephant named Mahadevan, which was purchased by him. ”

In Kerala, PC George, a seven-time legislator, told IANI, “Our family has had 50 elephants for many years. The blessed elephant belongs to my cousin. The name of the elephant is Mahadevan, age 20. This blessing does not mean to change the name of the elephant. Please do not misunderstand that the name of the elephant is going to be changed since Mahadevan was blessed. The elephant will not have a Christian name, ” the Business Stander reported in 2017.

In 2017, an elephant named Mahadevan was blessed at a Kerala church and a controversial photo was taken again and rumours are circulating that proselytizing elephants have been added to the Velankanni church in Tamil Nadu.


In our search, we came to know that the information spread that two Assamese elephants were bought, converted and named as Peter and Mary and added to the Velankanni church was false.

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