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Is Tamil removed from Erode railway station nameplate and added Hindi?


The Tamil nameplate at the Erode railway station has been removed and placed in Hindi. Tamil is thrown out even when Hindi is not accepted as a third language. If it is a third language, Tamil will disappear altogether.

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The meme with two photos has gone viral on social media, claiming that the nameplate at the Erode railway station has been removed and the nameplate in Hindi has been placed.

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Fact Check:

According to The Hindu English News, published on January 19, 2021, “Construction work on the waiting area, ticketing and booking areas at Erode Railway Station will be completed on time.”

Many people are sharing photos of the completion of the construction work at the Erode Railway Station as a digital nameplate on social networking sites, including Facebook.

However, the Tamil nameplate at the Erode railway station was not removed. The nameplate, which was one of the three languages, is kept iseparate. The nameplate is in Tamil on the front, English on the left and Hindi on the right.

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On February 14, the Sun News published a Hindi notice board at the Erode railway station showing various parts of the Erode railway station. In it, you can see Tamil, English and Hindi name plates placed separately on the front. Notice boards placed in other parts of the railway station could be seen featured in all three languages.

Previously, nameplates in all three languages ​​were put together on the exterior of the railway station. Currently it is kept separate.

This is not the first time that controversy has arisen over the introduction of Hindi nameplates at Tamil Nadu railway stations. Last year too, there were rumours that the nameplate in Tamil had been removed from Chennai Central and the nameplate in Hindi had been placed.

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But, there we were publishing the article as the nameplate is similarly placed separately in the three languages


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During our search, the information spread at the Erode railway station that the nameplate in Tamil was removed and the nameplate in Hindi was placed was incorrect. It was able to find a nameplate in Tamil on the front of the railway station and other languages kept aside.


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