Ex-MLA supporters yelling ‘Asif Khan Zindabad’ slogans falsely shared as ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.


A Congress MLA calls Pakistan Zindabad in Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra related event in Talhi, Madhya Pradesh. Cops stop it. see the rude behaviour of the congress MLA and the crowd with police…

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The video shared on social media (Twitter, Facebook) claiming that Ex-MLA supporters yelling as Pakistan Zindabad during the Rahul Gandhi yatra event in Talhi, Madhya Pradesh is viral.

The video shared as the Ex-MLA supporters uttering slogans as Asif Khan Zindabad had outrage spark in social media, but it was falsely claimed as Pakistan Zindabad.

What is the truth?

In search of this video by performing a reverse image search of the keyframes of the video we found that it was the incident that had happened on 26, November, 2022. Moreover, the incident happened during the election campaign in the Shaheen Bhaga area, by Former congress MLA Asif Mohammed Khan on behalf of his daughter who stood as a Congress candidate.

Detail description of the video is that the Police Officer Mr.Akshay was patrolling the Shaheen Bagh area, and the Former congress MLA was holding a gathering using a loud hailer in front of Taiyyab Masjid. So the police officer questioned Mr.Khan whether he got permission from State Election Commission for holding a gathering, but Mr.Khan abuses and mishandle the police officer along with him, his supporters also yells as ‘Asif Khan Zindabad’.

Several Newspapers such as The India Today, The Indian Express and ANI News etc.. elaborated on the issue on 26, November 2022.

Due to the aggressive and misbehaving attitude of Mr.Khan with cops, he was arrested along with other two persons Minhaaz and Saabir who mishandled the sub-inspector Mr.Akshay, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Esha Pandey, reported India Today.


Here, from the above information, it is found that the crowd gathered for the Former congress MLA was uttering ‘Asif Khan Zindabad’ slogans and not ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Therefore it is a false claim.

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