Fabricated letter is shared to claim that Digvijaya Singh resigned from Congress.


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Madhya Pradesh legislative assembly election is scheduled to be held in November 2023. When Congress announced the first list of candidates, an image claiming to be the resignation letter of Digvijaya Singh, Congress MP went viral. It is claimed that Digvijaya resigned from Congress party. Some of the posts carrying the purported resignation letter can be seen here and here.

The viral letter that is addressed to Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress Chief is dated 15, October 2023. The letter started thanking the party for Digvijaya Singh’s progress from National General Secretary to Rajya Sabha member. Then it states his disappointment with the top leadership blaming that the party has now become specific leader-centric in Madhya Pradesh.

The letter further states that his self-respect is hurt as the names given by him have not been considered in the selection of candidates for Madhya Pradesh elections. Finally, it stated, “With a heavy heart I announce my decision to end my association with the party. I resign from all posts including primary membership of Congress. Accept it”.

What is the truth?

When searching the social media pages of Digvijaya Singh we found that the letter is fabricated and that he has not resigned from Congress party. The viral letter is found posted by Digvijaya Singh on his X account with the caption roughly translated as “BJP is expert in lying. I took membership in Congress in 1971. I joined Congress not for the post but because I was influenced by the ideology and I will remain in Congress till the last breath of my life. I am filing a police complaint against this lie”.

Digvijaya Singh in an interview with Press Trust of India, clarified that the viral resignation letter is fake. He further stated that he has lodged complaints with the MP Cyber Police but ended up with no action from them as they act as BJP agents. The video of his interview was posted on the PTI X account on October 16.

However, we found The Print article dated October 16 reporting that cyber police registered a case under sections 469 (Forgery for purpose of harming reputation) and 501 (Printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory) of the Indian Penal Code against unidentified person over fake resignation letter.


It is found that a fabricated letter addressed to Mallikarjun Kharge is shared to claim that Digvijaya Singh resigned from Congress.

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