Fabricated video of Priyanka Gandhi’s speech on scam list shared with distorted claims.


When scam list gone wrong.

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A video showing Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi speaking about scams has gone viral all over social media. In the video, Priyanka speaks about the many scams happening in the country. While she was speaking about the scams, suddenly we see her flipping through some papers which show the scam done by Congress in various news transcripts which are turned one by one. The video ends in a way where she says there are so many scams to be listed and she will talk about them later.

The video gives the conception that Priyanka Gandhi, in the middle of the speech, finds that all the scams have been done by Congress itself, so she makes an excuse and stops reading further. The above tweet is shared by various users with mockery and sarcasm which can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When we started our research using keywords, we came across this article written by The Free Press Journal with the title  ”Priyanka Gandhi Tries To Read Out ‘Scams’ Of BJP Govt But Fails To Find The ‘List’ in Gwalior Rally”

However, the article states that “when it came to list out the scams of the Shivraj government which she accused it of, the Gandhi scion was seen fumbling to find the list of scams on her dais. She eventually skipped the part and told the audience that she will ‘tell about it later”.

Taking a hint from this above-mentioned article, we searched further regarding the speech given by Priyanka Gandhi on all social media platforms. Finally, we landed on the Congress Party’s Youtube channel namely ‘Indian National Congress’. There is a 32-minute speech given by Priyanka Gandhi in the rally happened in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh which is published on July 21, 2023. The whole speech can be seen here.

After watching the whole video, we can clearly say that the viral portion comes around 14:15 to 14:35. Here she says that, “Scams are taking place one after the other. I have a very long list of those scams with me. I will take it out. The list is so long that one cannot even remember all of them.” While speaking, when she was not able to find the report, she ends her point by saying, “I will tell you later as I’m not able to find it now.”

Meanwhile, we were not able see anywhere in the whole video as like Priyanka flipping through the pages as shown in the sensational clip shared in the social media.

Thus, we found that the original video is edited to change the context. In reality, there is no clippings like Priyanka purportedly turning the pages which shows the Congress scams.

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Therefore, we conclude that the viral video showing Priyanka flipping through documents of alleged Congress scam is fabricated.

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