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It is not artificially made cashew nuts | What is the truth?


Artificially made cashews! This is a warning post!

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Behind the video footage of a food item that is made like a cashew nut in the machine and taken separately, a person speaking in another language can be heard. This video has gone viral as it has been shared claiming that it creates artificial cashews in Tamil. Followers are also asking us to comment on its authenticity.

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When we searched with the keywords to find out what is made in the shape of cashews in the machines, we were able to know that it is a food product made in the form of cashew nuts (junk food). Some videos like the viral video have been released on the YouTube site.

These are biscuits in the form of cashews. They are carrying the business on a small scale level. These food items are to be fried before eating. You can even feel the colour, size, and taste even though it is a fake cashew nut. The video of making cashew shaped biscuits is being misrepresented across India.

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It is noteworthy that even before this, the false video of artificial milk production went viral on the social networking site. In a video that is currently going viral, it would be optimal if the hygiene of the product was questioned. But, they are spreading false news as fake cashew nuts.


In our search, we were able to identify the cashew-shaped biscuit being made in the video, which is spread as a warning that it is an artificially created cashew nut.

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