Fake funeral video from Jordan during Covid times is falsely linked to Israel-Hamas war.


Watch this video carefully until the end.. Some #Palestinians are seen carrying a small boy’s body while chanting religious praises.. They’ve even granted an interview to Al Jazeera.. alleging that this boy fell victim to #Israeli airstrikes.. However, in the end, as sirens blare, they abruptly leave the body behind and the seemingly lifeless boy suddenly gets up and runs away as well.

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After the start of Israel-Hamas war, multiple videos have been doing rounds on the internet in the name of it. One such video shows a group of people carrying a coffin and then when they hear siren sounds they all flee away including the person in the coffin.


This video is shared to claim that when some Palestinians carry a small boy’s body alleging that the boy fell victim to Israeli airstrikes and when sirens blare, they abruptly leave the body behind and the seemingly lifeless boy suddenly gets up and runs away as well. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and is unrelated to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. An X post dated March 2020 by 24.ae, Arab media is found carrying the viral video with the caption in Arab roughly translated as “Funny things… Young Jordanian men invented a trick to get out of the house, so they held a fake funeral for their friend.. This is what happened to them as soon as they heard sirens”.

We also found Orient news report on Youtube channel reporting the incident related to the viral video in March 2020. The video is titled “A fake funeral in Jordan to break the curfew ignites the mockery of tweeters on social media platforms”.

The same video was also found uploaded on Nico’s Vlogs in March 2020. The title of the video says that the fake funeral was carried out in Jordan to break curfews during Corona pandemic.

Alroeya reported that the video of a group of people from the Kingdom of Jordan carrying a coffin on their way to the graves to bury the dead, and as soon as they heard the police whistle, they left the casket on the ground and fled and then the imaginary dead person fled to his home before being arrested by the police.
It was then found that a group of young people were trying to break the ban by the Jordanian authorities during the coronavirus outbreak.


It is found that an old video of a fake funeral in Jordan that happened in 2020 during the Covid curfew is falsely linked to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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