Right wingers claim Vedic Science behind Turkey’s spacecraft looking artefact. But it’s not true..


Did You Know? Yantra Sarvasva- Viman Prakaran describe how a spaceship can mount to the Surya-Mandala and it moves so fast that its voice can be heard from the ground. #dharamanainspiration

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This post has been shared in social media to invoke pride in the early days of Vedic period and it has been in various Indian languages for a very long time. We found a post which was shared in 2016 with a claim that this was 2000 year old scientific feet achieved by Tamils. Similar posts have been shared in Tamil sphere of the social media for a very long time and YouTurn had fact-checked that in Tamil.

Similarly, it has been shared in other parts of the country some of which can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

The spaceship looking artefact was unearthed in an archeological excavation in 1975 in the old city of Tuspa which is currently known as Toprakkale, Turkey. There are many theories behind this artefact and there is not definitive answer to the question how or why this artefact was created.

Zecharia Sitchina, a noted authority on the Ancient Astronaut theory, which is widely discredited as pseudoscientific, has described the artefact as, “sculpted scale model of what, to modern eyes, looks like a cone-nosed rocket-ship… Powered by a cluster of four exhaust engines in the back surrounding a larger exhaust engine, the rocket-ship has room for a sole pilot—actually shown and included in the sculpture.”

A relatively unknown website The Living Moon which talks about aliens and UFOs states that it needs to be looked in a different orientation, upright. The site claims that the artefact is a ‘Hittite Warrior’ with the traditional cone hat, beard, and shield.

Similar unverified stories can be found about the artefact that resembles the space shuttle. But there is no definitive proof for it being connected in any way to the Vedic period or any other culture that is native to the present day India. Similarly, the above mentioned claim along with the post is unintelligle, to put it mildly.


The claims that this particular artefact was of Vedic origins and the “Yantra Sarvasva- Viman Prakaran” describe how a space ship can mount to Surya-Mandala or the sun is fake.

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