Fake news being spread that 12,000-year-old statue found in Jammu & Kashmir


12000-year-old statue of Lord Vishnu has been found in Jammu & Kashmir.

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A three headed statue was found in Kakapora village near Pulwama in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This is claimed to be a 12,000-year-old statue of Lord Vishnu by a Facebook page Infomance on 1st August 2022.

The post is liked by more than 256,000 users and 40,000 users loved it with overall reactions from 303,000 users at the time of writing this article. The ‘Infomance’ Facebook page is followed by close to a million users.

We received a request from a twitter user named ‘Sumer lorverth’ to verify this particular post from ‘Infomance’ page.

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What’s the truth?

When reverse image searched, we found articles from the ‘The Hindu’, ‘Hindustan Times’, ‘The Print’ etc. These articles from March 2022 reveal that the statue was found from the Jhelum River in Pulwama in the Kakapora village during extraction of sand from the river. This was later handed over to the Police. According to the ANI, the Pulwama police said, “We received information from the residents of Lelhar village of Kakapora that some labourers have found an idol during extraction of sand from river Jhelum. A team from Kakapora Police Station headed by the Station house officer (SHO) rushed at the spot and took possession of the old three-headed Lord Vishnu idol.”

According to the report from the Hindustan Times, the department of archives, archaeology and museums took custody of the structure after police received the idol from the locals and an official from the Department of Archives, Archaeology and Museums, said the statue is from the 9th century. It could be called a 1,200-year-old statue which would be quite accurate but calling it a 12,000-year-old statue is very misleading.

Similarly, in July 2022 two other statues of Lord Vishnu from the 9th century were found in Gudsathoo village of Budgam district in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir which is just under 50 kilometers from Kakapora village where this statue was found.


In our search, we find that the statue is not 12000-year-old but around 1200 years old as it is from the 9th century.

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