Fake newspaper clip claims a Hindu Dalit girl is absconding after beheading 6 Muslim youths.


Dalit Hindu girl absconding after slitting the throat of 6 Muslim youths for threatening rape and conversion; 6 severed heads recovered from Kali temple in Babatpur. This is what happened with the staunch Sanatani lionesses

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A newspaper clipping is shared to claim that a Hindu Dalit woman is absconding after beheading 6 Muslim men for threatening rape and conversion, the severed heads were recovered from Kali temple in Babatpur. The newspaper is of UP Tak and it is mentioned in the clipping that “the incident of slitting throats of 6 Muslim youths by a Hindu Dalit girl happened on June 13 in Hemantpur village of Office Road Court following which the severed heads were recovered from Kali temple in Babatpur, Varanasi under Babatpur Police Station.”

It is further mentioned that “Relatives say that they had complained many times before in Babatpur police station, but the Dalit girl was not given any protection by the police, nor was any action taken against the Muslims. After all, when there was no help from the administration, the daughter did this to protect her self-respect and religion”, and the news story goes on. The screenshot of the newspaper clipping is viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The posts in Hindi read as “बलात्कार और धर्मांतरण की धमकी देने पर 6 मुस्लिम युवको का गला काट दलित हिंदू युवतीफरार ; बाबतपुर स्थित काली मंदिर से 6 कटे सिर बरामद | यह हुई ना बात कट्टर सनातनी शेरनीयो वाली” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.


What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found no such news reported by any of the authentic media organizations. And it is also not found on UP Tak as claimed.

With further search, we found a tweet by the official Twitter account of DCP Gomti Zone Commissionerate VNS Police. The tweet dated 18, June 2023 is found carrying a statement with the caption, “A fake news is being made viral by some Twitter handles, which is completely untrue. Varanasi Gomti Zone Police refutes this untrue and misleading news.”

The statement is found carrying the viral screenshot of the UP Tak news clip. The statement mentioned “It is completely untrue that 06 Muslim youths were beheaded, Dalit Hindu girl absconded after threatening rape and conversion, 06 heads recovered from Babatpur Sthil Kali Mandir. No such incident has happened in outpost Babatpur under police station Phulpur of Varanasi Gomti zone. Varanasi police refute this false misleading news.”

The statement further asks not to share this type of false and misleading post as Varanasi Police is keeping a vigilant eye on social media platforms. It is also mentioned that legal action will be taken against those who share such posts.


It is found that the claim that a Hindu Dalit woman beheaded six Muslim men and is absconding is false. The screenshot of UP Tak newspaper that mentioned that 6 heads were recovered from Babatpur Sthil Kali Mandir is also false. The newspaper clipping is fabricated and fake. And no such incident as claimed has happened.

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