False claims about a Bengaluru woman being on drugs

A video from Mangaluru is shared with false claims that she was from Bengaluru and she is under the influence of drugs.


This is not a Drunk and Drive Case. *it’s a DRUG Addicted Case in Koramangala (Bangalore) Parents have handed her over to the Police! Parents were constantly beaten by this girl. She is physically very strong and you can see that 6 policewomen are needed to hold her down.

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A 20-second viral video showing many police personnel handling a woman who appears to be in an inebriated stage is going viral on social media. In the video, the police have apprehended the aggressive lady and pinned her legs.

This post is shared with a claim that the woman was under the influence of drugs and some even pointed out that its not just a ‘drunk and drive’ case. Accusations are made that the woman in the video used to beat up her parents and they have handed her over to the police. This same post is shared by another user with a similar claim which can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

When we looked into the video, we noticed that the police personnel in the viral video spoke Kannada. Also, their uniform had the symbol of the Karnataka Police Department.

A further search using keyframes and keywords of the viral video revealed that it took place in Mangalore, Karnataka. On September 1, a young woman was behaving aggressively in a drug store in Mangalore. So the police were informed. The police arrived at the scene and suspected that the woman might be taking drugs and subjected her to a medical examination.

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The test results revealed that the woman did not consume any drug. The girl was later handed over to her parents. A press release was issued on the 9th by the Mangalore Police Department that she is undergoing medical treatment.

News about this has been published on websites like News 18 and Daiji world.

According to the articles, the girl was taken to the police station for a narcotics examination to check whether she was under any influence of any drugs or alcoholic substance. In a press release shared by the Mangalore City Police, it was clarified that the narcotics test came as negative.

So, a video of a woman from Mangalore is being misrepresented to be from Bengaluru with a false claim that she was under the influence of drugs. Earlier, this video was shared with false claims that it is from Tamil Nadu.


The viral video showing a woman in an inabrieted state is originally from Mangaluru and not Bengaluru as claimed in social media. Police has confirmed that she was not under the influence of any drugs after a narcotics examination.

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