Falsehood about jobs for Marijuana smokers in Uttar Pradesh by Samajwadi Party.

A news card about a job opening in Germany for marijuana testers is wrongly attributed to Yogi Adithyanath’s Uttar Pradesh.


Anything Is Possible With Yogiraj

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Uttar Pradesh’s budget will be tabled in the state’s legislative assembly today on 20th February 2023. The main opposition party to the BJP in Uttar Pradesh is the Samajwadi Party with 109 seats out of the 403 in the Legislative Assembly. On 16th February 2023, the Samajwadi Party’s official IT wing run under the name “Samajwadi Party Media Cell” shared a tweet with a news card in which it was said about job openings for marijuana (Ganja) smokers with a pay of Rs.88 lakhs. This was shared with a caption that said “Anything is possible with Yogiraj”. Many others too shared the same post in social media with similar claims.




What’s the truth?

Since the news card had the ABP logo, we looked in their social media handles. On 16th February 2023, ABP shared the news card that is being shared by the Samajwadi Party. In the post by ABP on Instagram, it has been captioned that a German company, Cannamedical, is looking for people to taste marijuana products by using them and find out their quality and the company is willing to offer Rs.88 lakhs. A news article about this was written on ABP’s website too.

A screengrab of the ABP News’s post in Instagram.

Upon further search, we found several news articles about the job opening in Germany for this job which can be seen here, here, here and here.

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Marijuana (also called Ganja, Cannabis) is illegal in India and mere possession of the substance could lead to criminal cases and arrest. Although it is reported that there are some benefits in certain medicinal conditions, marijuana is also reported to have several other damaging long-term effects in the body, including increased risk of lung cancer. Using the ABP postcard, Samajwadi party’s media cell and others try to spread misinformation that the Yogi Adityanath’s BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is promoting illegal and banned substances in the state.


A news card about a job opening for cannabis testers in Germany is used to mislead that the Yogi Adithyanath’s government is promoting the usage of cannabis in the state.

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