This article is from Jan 06, 2021

If BJP comes to power, agriculture laws will be canceled – Fake News Card!


If BJP comes to power, we will revoke agricultural laws – Tamil Nadu BJP leader L. Murugan.

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Farmers on the Delhi border have been protesting for days against 3 new agricultural laws brought in by the ruling BJP in the middle.

In this situation, the edited news card of Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan saying that if the BJP comes to power, we will repeal the agricultural laws is going viral on social media. A closer look at the viral news card reveals that it has been edited.

However, the news card, which was deliberately edited for satire, has been left to browse on social networking sites. With this, the BJP itself came up with the agriculture law and now they are teasing like who is in power now ? the Rahul Gandhi regime or the Imran Khan regime?.

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In the Puthiyathalaimurai news card published on January 3, 2021, they are editing and spreading in the news card that originally as “BJP is not watching the attack on women – L. Murugan, Tamil Nadu BJP leader”.

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