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Was the old farmer not attacked? | False propaganda spread as truth!


The authenticity of the viral photo revealed that the media security guard was beating up an old farmer. Fortunately, Prime Minister Modi has opened up the Internet data line-free so that the truth reaches the masses immediately – the Maridas fan page.

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The photo of a security guard beating an elderly farmer during a farmers’ struggle has gone viral nationwide. Media reports also released the photo. Similarly, Rahul Gandhi also posted the photo on his Twitter page.

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But BJP social media chief Amit Malviya tweeted, “Farmer elder not attacked, shared a video with Rahul Gandhi’s tweet as a false propaganda.

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On one of the fan pages running under the name Maridas, the security guards did not attack the elderly man and shared a video linked to the same video posted by Amit Malviya that misinformation was being spread.

Fact Check:

Delhi-based journalist Ravi Chowdhury shared the photo on his Twitter page saying it was difficult when the incident took place.

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Similarly, a security guard has posted on his Instagram page a collection of photos taken during the struggle with a photo of a farmer being beaten with a lathi.

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In a video released on the YouTube channel VOA News on November 27, 2020, another security guard lashes out at an elderly farmer as he clashes with struggling Indian farmers and police on the Delhi road. In it, you can hear the beating sound.

The photo and video of another security guard holding a lathi next to it, have only gone viral on social media. On November 29, a Punjabi Facebook page posted a viral video showing an elderly farmer being attacked with a hand injury.

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Police tried to stop the farmers as they tried to enter the Singh border area of ​​Delhi. Just then, the elderly farmer is attacked. The farmer seen in the viral photo and video was Sukdev Singh, 57, of Sangojla area.

“I have injuries on my legs, back and arms. Lathi hit my ankle. I will show my wounds if they want to see, ” Sukdev Singh said in a video released by the BoomLive website.



In our search, the information and video circulating that an old farmer was not attacked during a demonstration on the Delhi border were false. The scene where he was attacked while passing by another security guard before that scene is also confirmed based on the confession given by Sukdev Singh. It is clear that the propaganda claiming the old farmer has not been attacked is completely false.

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