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Video of farmers smearing dung on BJP MLA’s face in Haryana | What is the truth?


Farmers went near Haryana BJP MLA as putting as like sandalwood on forehead then slapped in the face with sandals smearing dung on their face. Let the farmers’ struggle win!



Farmers in states including Punjab and Haryana have been involved in protests over the central government’s passage of the agriculture bill in parliament. Meanwhile, the video of a BJP MLA from Haryana being slapped in the face by farmers with sandals has gone viral across India. We decided to find out about the authenticity of the video.

Fact Check:

While taking a photo from the video and doing a reverse image search on November 7, 2016, a viral video was released on a YouTube channel called Punjab Kesari alleging that MP Saini had inked his face.

Searching with the keywords found, it was reported in English and Hindi that five people had smeared ink on the face of BJP’s Kurukshetra MP Rajkumar Saini, who had spoken out against the Jat community’s struggle for reservation with the Haryana government in 2016.

On October 16, 2016, the Times of India reported, “Five people who attacked BJP MP Rajkumar Saini have been charged with attempted murder under section 307 of the IPC. The 5 people registered in the case are from Heiser village. 4 of them are students and Sandeep is working as a lawyer. He himself planned the attack. They belong to two organizations, Azad Kisan Mission and Bhartiya Kisan Brigade, ” police said.

Police have arrested those involved in the incident. They have also been granted bail. Later, during the police investigation, the attempted murder case was withdrawn, claiming that the only black ink applied to Saini’s face. Both organizations are agricultural organizations. However, it has nothing to do with the incident and the current agriculture bill protest.


In our search, we came to know that the video of Jat community people hitting Haryana BJP MP Rajkumar Saini in the face with black ink in 2016 is misleading and sharing the ongoing (2020) farmer’s agricultural bill protest.

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