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Was the video taken when the farmers entered Delhi?


The farmers had entered Delhi. Let the farmers’ struggle spread across the country! Let’s overthrow the Kavi corporate fascist state!

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On the Facebook page of the political organization Reolutionary Students Youth Front – Rsyf, they posted a video of a 3.07-minute protest rally claiming that farmers had entered Delhi. The video has been shared on other Facebook pages.

Fact Check:

Farmers have been staging protests and rallies in states including Punjab and Haryana against the agricultural law. Also, farmers from Punjab and Haryana have flocked to the capital Delhi to protest.

Purari nirankari ground in the area to hold a peaceful protest on the part of the police has given permission. In addition, the central government has offered to negotiate with agricultural organizations. However, in some places police fired tear gas at the crowd to stop the farmers.


Although many videos and photos were released in the news as a video taken when the farmers entered Delhi, this video has not been released in any of the recent news.

While taking a screenshot from this video and doing a reverse image search, on April 3, 2018, the video was released on the YouTube channel as Communist Kerala, captioned as “Red flowers bloom in Himachal Pradesh”.


Not sure where and when this video was taken. However, it seems clear that they are sharing the old video.


While it is true that in our search, farmers from Punjab and Haryana have gone to the capital Delhi to take part in the struggle against the agrarian law, but the virally shared video of the farmers entering Delhi was taken during the struggle 2 years ago.

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