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Photo of Valarmathi is being spread as the photo of woman who chants Pakistan Zindabad!


“Pakistan Zindabad ‘trust them, they are also a farmers.

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Majlis MP Asaduddin Owaisi was one of the special guests at a public meeting against the CAA in Bangalore, Karnataka. Amulya, a woman from the crowd, chanted “Pakistan Zindabad” on stage… She is also in the Delhi farmers struggle.” These photos are going viral not only in Tamil but also in India.

Fact Check:

Controversial woman Amulya Leona chanted “Pakistan Zindabad” in the presence of Hyderabad MP Owaisi at a conference in Bangalore against the Citizenship Amendment Act in February last year. A case was registered for this and he was in jail. However, the court granted bail after 110 days.

Social activist Valarmati’s photo from Tamil Nadu is being misrepresented that the woman is once again participating in the farmers’ struggle. The photo was posted on the Facebook page of the Anti-Imperialist Movement on January 25, while doing a reverse image search of the viral photo.

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On January 25, Valarmathi wrote on its Facebook page, “Let the farmers’ struggle win. Let’s support the farmers! Tractor rally over obstacles! Welfare Student Uprising Movement, Women’s Uprising Movement, Caste Abolition Liberation Front, CPDR comrades at the Delhi Tractor Rally! Let’s support the farmers! Withdraw the agricultural law! He shared a video of himself participating in the struggle.

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In 2017, Valarmathi was arrested under the Goondas Act for giving a leaflet against a hydrocarbon project at the gate of a college in Salem. The Chennai High Court later declared it invalid. They are spreading the photo of Valarmati from Tamil Nadu as Amulya Leona.



In our search, we came to know that the photo that was circulated that Amulya Leona, who was involved in the controversy by chanting Pakistan Zindabad, when took part in the farmers’ struggle was misread as it was a photo of Valarmathi from Tamil Nadu.

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