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Did the BJP raise pro-Pakistan slogans in the farmers’ protest?


Pakistan Zindabad chanting slogans in protest against the government. The BJP RSS mob is trying to hold a riot somehow. BJP leader Umesh Singh, who joined the farmers’ struggle and chanted “Pakistan Zindabad”, was attacked by farmers.

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A 42-second video of BJP’s Umesh Singh being attacked by farmers for raising pro-Pakistan slogans during a farmers’ protest has gone viral on social media.

Fact Check:

The 42-second video did not feature any pro-Pakistan or pro-Khalistan slogans. The video records a man being dragged and assaulted and police trying to save him from the crowd.

On December 14, 2020, a video was released on the Twitter account of a local Hindi channel, Bharat Samachar, alleging that farmers had attacked Arun for speaking ill of the media.

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“The person attacked in the video has no affiliation with any political party and does not raise the slogan Pakistan Zindabad. He is Arunkumar who lives in Saharanpur. While talking to a reporter on the local channel, an argument broke out and a fight ensued. Farmers in the area are angry and attack the man, thinking he is trying to disrupt the protest, ”Kota police said on the BoomLive website.

There is no information that there is a leader in the BJP named Umesh Singh. The name of the person who was attacked by the farmers and featured in the video is Arun Kumar. He is not a BJP leader and is not affiliated with any other party.


In our search, the viral video claiming that BJP leader Umesh Singh, who raised the Pakistan Zindabad slogan in the farmers’ struggle, was attacked was false. In the farmers’ struggle, Arunkumar created a confrontation with a local channel reporter and it is learned that the farmers have attacked him.

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