This article is from Dec 10, 2020

Rumor has it that the national flag was insulted in the farmers’ struggle!


Of course, this is a 100% struggle for farmers. If you believe this you are also an Indian.



A photo of a Sikh insulting the Indian national flag was seen being shared on Facebook groups claiming that it was taken during a protest by Delhi farmers. The photo has gone viral in other languages ​​across India.

Fact Check:

While doing a reverse image of the photo insulting Indian national flag, where it has been posted on . Also, a number of photos of members of a pro-Khalistan organization called Tal Kalsa UK insulting the Indian national flag have been attached.

In 2013, pro-Khalistan Sikhs, Kashmiri and other minority groups gathered outside the Indian High Commission in central London to protest against Indian repression and occupation, the blog said.

The person in the photo insulting the Indian national flag is Manmohan Kalsa, the founder of the Tal Kalsa organization. He died in 2017.

The photo, taken in 2013 when the pro-Khalistan organization insulted the Indian national flag in the city of London, has been spreading as rumours that it was taken during a farmers’ struggle in India.

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Since the beginning of the farmers’ struggle in Delhi against the new agricultural law, we have been constantly exposing the spreading of rumours on Sikhs and Muslims are being targeted.

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