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Rumor has it that Khalistan supporters in the farmers protest!


What is the role of Khalistan militants in the farmers’ protest? Sikh extremists fighting for Khalistan separatism. Were we hoping that there would be no extremists among the Sikhs? These are the people who are protesting in the name of Pakistan’s instigation.



As the farmers struggle continues in Delhi, a 0.51-second video has been circulating on social networking sites asking what is the work for the Khalistan supporters in the struggle.

The part in the viral video of Khalistan supporters holding a rally in Delhi is not like India. While searching for the video, the video was released on July 11, 2018 on the Facebook page of Rohit Sardaa Fans Club.

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Similarly, in 2018, the video was released on other Facebook pages. The T-shirt worn by the Sikhs at the rally reads “March for freedom Khalistan”.

Searching with the key words “March for freedom khalistan”, I came to know that in 2018, a pro-Khalistan Sikh rally was held in San Francisco, USA.

Archive link

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Even before this, some social media users had spread rumours that the Sikh farmers had fought with the banner of Khalistan and the slogan Khalistan Zindabad in the struggle.

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We know from the following article that rumours are circulating targeting Sikhs and Muslims in the farmers’ protest.


In our search, the 0.51 second video that goes viral that a pro-Khalistan rally took place in the Delhi farmers’ struggle can be traced back to a rally in the San Francisco area of ​​the United States 2 years ago .

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