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Rs 2 crore worth of car goes viral in farmers’ struggle?


Mercedes G wagon to stop and oppose the corporate, another level of fight… The approximate price of the car is ₹ 2 crore .. come on poor



The photo has gone viral on social media as farmers protesting against the new agricultural law sit in a Mercedes Benz G Wagon worth Rs 2 crore and read the paper.

The post, posted on the Maridas Videos fan page, has been shared by thousands. The photo has been circulating all over India showing farmers struggling in blankets with a car bought at a cost of crores of rupees.

Fact Check:

A viral photo of two people sitting on top of a black car with the words “We are Farmers” posted on Manpreet Singh ‘s Instagram page on December 19 marked the border with Delhi Singh .


Car owner Manpreet Singh has shared several photos taken with the car on his Instagram page. On December 15, Manpreet Singh Kundali posted another photo of himself going by car, marking the border.

You can see the vehicle registration number PB 12Z 8282 in the photo. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Vaughan ‘s website to register the details of the car and got the car with the registration number.

According to viral records, the car does not include the name of the Mercedes-Benz or the car model Mercedes G-Wagon. The Gurkha FM2.6CR-4X2 is a  motor vehicle limited vehicle. The Force Gurkha website states that its price is between 9 and 10 lakhs .

The presence of the Mercedes Benz logo on Manpreet Singh’s car may have caused confusion. In India, the Force Gorkha is being modified and used as a Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

“I am an entrepreneur and my family members are farmers. I have been participating in the struggle to show support for farmers since December 5th. People from all walks of life are at the border in support of the farmers. In the viral photo is my car. This is only a copy of the Mercedes Benz G Wagon. I don’t want to hide anything. I also pay taxes. It is sad to see my car being photographed to discredit farmers’ protests, ”  Manpreet Singh Alt told the website.

He also posted two posts on his Instagram page mocking BJP supporters for posting about the price of his car, which went viral in Tamil.

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Sikhs seated in a modified Force Motor Gorkha vehicle, with a photo of them standing around, depicting the protesters as affluent.


In our search, it was found that the participants in the farmers’ struggle were not sitting on a Mercedes-Benz G2 wagon worth Rs.2 crores. It is learned that Manpreet Singh has modified his Force Motor Gurkha worth Rs 10 lakh into a Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

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