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Rumor has it that the Islamist wore the turban in the farmers protest!


Peasants Struggles! Muslim trapped wearing a plastic turban!

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Farmers have been staging protests and rallies against the new agricultural law. Crowds of farmers from several states, including Punjab and Haryana, are flocking to the capital, Delhi. However, the Delhi Police have been dispersing the crowd with tear gas canisters on the protesting farmers and preventing them from leaving. Farmers across the country are starting to talk about the struggle.

Meanwhile, a 13-second video of a man wearing a turban and throwing stones at the police, wearing a turban like a Sikh during a peasant struggle, has gone viral.

Fact Check:

The video, which went viral as an Islamist wearing a plastic turban like a Sikh, was not taken during the farmers’ struggle. Earlier, despite protests against CAA law last year, the same video went viral across India as “Islamist wearing a turban like a Sikh”.

We had published a fact check article with the proof that the person in the viral video was not an Islamist but a Sikh and that this video was made 9 years ago in Punjab.

On March 22, 2011, the Times of India reported a video of an incident between a veterinarian and Punjab police protesting near the PCA grounds in Mohali, Punjab.


Some social media users deliberately sharing old videos viral to divert the farmer’s protest and to glorify the struggle and create a false purpose about the protest.


In our search, we came to know that the video of the police arresting an Islamist who came as a Sikh wearing a plastic turban during a farmers’ protest was originally taken during the year 2011.

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