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Are Pakistan Zindabad slogans raised in the farmer’s protests?


Totally separatists, illegal invaders, extremists, unite and banned communist parties fighting against the nation. Punjab farmer raised Pakistani flag, Pakistan Zindabad slogans…

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The farmers’ struggle against the new agricultural law is gaining attention across the country. Various photos and videos related to the farmers’ struggle in Delhi have gone viral on social media.

In this situation, many rumours and old videos are being spread by keeping the farmers’ struggle. The 15-second video has been circulating on social media in India, chanting slogans such as “Islamists, Pakistan Zindabad, Khalistan Zindabad” by a turban tied Sikhs in the farmers struggle.

Pakistan and Khalistan flag bearers Pakistan Zindabad, Khalistan Zindabad is not like the video taken here. While taking screenshots from the video and doing a reverse image search, we got the news with the video that slogans with pro-Pakistan and Khalistan flags were raised during the World Cup cricket match in England.

On June 6, 2019, ANI reported that Sikhs in the UK denounce pro-Khalistan slogans during World Cup matches.

Many Indian news outlets have reported that pro-Khalistan Sikhs raised pro-Khalistan and Pakistan slogans during the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 2019 World Cup.



In our search, we came to know that the video taken while the Sikhs in England raised slogans in support of Khalistan and Pakistan during the 2019 World Cup was spreading rumours that the Punjab farmer raised Pakistani flag, Pakistan Zindabad slogans in farmers protest.

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