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RSS, BJP members roaming in police uniform during Delhi protest?


RSS dressed as police officers? The Facebook ID of someone who said that their name badge had fallen down when reporters asked them “why none of you have a name on your clothes”. It is reported that there is evidence that he belongs to the BJP. What is happening in India?

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A 2.59-minute video has been shared on social networking sites claiming that reporters had traced the Facebook ID of a man who uniformed as police and interrogated people during a protest rally in Delhi, claiming he was a BJP member and an RSS member.

Fact Check:

The same video, which is shared claiming that a BJP and RSS member entered police uniform during the Delhi farmers’ protest, has been circulating that the RSS member entered police uniform during the protests against the NRC and CAA in 2019.

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But the person in the RSS dress and photos are shown on the BJP banner is BJP MLA Ashok Dogra from Rajasthan Bundi constituency. His Facebook page features a photo taken with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

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The question arises as to whether the ruling party MLA and that Rajasthan state MLA will go in police uniform in the Delhi struggle. Similarly, the police officer in the viral video also looks like different people when comparing the photos of MLA Ashok Dogra.

The name of the police officer seen in the video is Vinod Narang. In a statement to the Boomlivw website in 2019, he said, “His name badge was missed when he surrounded protesters during a protest in the Mandi House area, and I have no affiliation with any political party, let alone an RSS member.”

The video also features screenshots of a rumour circulating in 2019 that he was a member of the ABVP organization, by showing a photo of a man in civilian clothes with protective armour.


In our search, a video shared with screenshots and photos of an RSS member in police uniform disguised as a BJP member infiltrated during the Delhi protests was misleading. The person in the photos is identified as BJP MLA Ashok Dogra and the police officer’s name is Vinod Narang they are different persons.

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