This article is from Dec 02, 2020

Rumor has it that Sikhs in Delhi fought with banners demanding Khalistan!


See where the farmers’ struggle is going now, the same gang who funding them for the CAA protest groups is also funding them now for this Delhi farmers protest.

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Ranjithkumar Mavilayi posted on his Facebook page that Sikhs who took part in the Delhi farmers’ protest fought with the banner “Want Khalistan”. Also, the post is being shared on some Facebook groups. Followers are asked us to comment on its authenticity.

Fact Check:

The photo has been used as a file image on social media and on social media since 2018, we found this when a reverse image the photo of a Sikh carrying a banner with the caption “We Want Khalistan”.

The photo is said to have been taken by members of the “Sikh Youth Federation bhindranwala” while fighting in Amritsar. The name of the organization is also featured on the banner. However, detailed information on when and where this photo was taken is not available.


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They have been spreading rumours that the photo was taken during the Delhi protests, which has been already on the internet for more than 2 years. Various rumours and old photos related to the Delhi farmers ’protest are going viral on social websites.

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