This article is from Jan 27, 2021

Rumour has it that farmers at the Red Fort removed the national flag and hoisted the Khalistan flag!


The Indian flag is removed at the Red Fort and the Khalistan flag is flown.



Many social media users claiming that protesting farmers climbing the Red Fort in Delhi and lowering the Indian national flag during the January 26 farmers’ rally against the new agricultural laws which have gone viral on social media.

Some of us who have been publishing memes have been commenting on the detailed response that those who climbed the Red Fort did not lower the Indian national flag and left a Sikh flag called Nishan Sahib and an agrarian union flag flying on another tower and on an empty pole nearby.

In a live video of protesters gathering with a tractor near the Red Fort, the entire area of ​​the fort with the national flag can be seen. Those who took part in the farmers struggle there can see that the pole on which the flags were hoisted was empty here as the national flag is flying in the centre of the fort wall. There is no flag on the towers on either side.

In a video released by the ANI news site, protesters can be seen climbing an empty flagpole and loading the flag.

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Similarly, in the video released by the Indian Express , you can see the flag being hoisted on an empty pole in front of the national flag. Flags are hoisted on the tower and on the empty pole. The Indian national flag was not lowered.

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Khalistan flag controversy:

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The flag hoisted by the protesters was not the flag of the Khalistan movement. It is Nishan Sahib is the flag of the Sikh community. Usually, it is mounted outside the gurudwara.

The same Sikh flag has been hoisted on the Punjab state bus at this year’s Republic Day parade .

Another flag in yellow and green is the Kisan Mastur Ekta flagKisan Mastur Ekta is a federation of various farmers’ associations participating in the struggle.

Similarly, Deep Sidhu, who was in the Red Fort area, said in a video that the Indian national flag was not lowered and that they only hoisted the Kisan Mastur Ekta and Nishan Sahib flags.


In our search, the information spread that the protesters hoisted the Khalistan flag during the Delhi farmers’ tractor rally was false. It is rumoured that the Indian national flag was lowered and other flags were hoisted. The flag is hoisted on the empty pole and tower. It is also learned that the Sikh flag of Nishan Sahib is being misunderstood as Khalistan flag.

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