Will scanning the FASTag sticker with the smartwatch debits money from the account?


Fastag scam in car-lorries .. Drivers beware ..! Stealing as if wiping glass. They take your Fastag money with the scanner/sensor on the watch in hand while cleaning the car glass.

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Polimer News reported, “In the suburbs of Maharashtra, people in luxury cars who waited for the signal, gave tips to the boy who wiped the windscreen. The total amount has been withdrawn from their Fastag account after some time. They wondered how the money was taken out of the account without crossing any toll gate.

Two weeks later they went to the same area thinking that it is because of the boy their amount has reduced and while waiting at the signal another boy who came there pretended to wipe the glass and scanned the fastag sticker with the digital scanner in the smartwatch phone in his hand and they also found a red light blinking in it.

The boy ran away as soon as he was asked the price of the smartwatch. The two youths have posted a video describing the latest hijacking incident,” about the viral video.

What is the truth?

If the fastag stickers of cars, trucks or any other vehicles to cross a toll booth can be scanned to steal money just like that, then all the stickers of the parked vehicles can be scanned to steal money. Looking at the area where the viral video was taken it does not look like they were waiting for the signal in the middle of the road, it looks like they parked the car on the side of the road to take the video.

Also, it can be seen in the viral video that the smartwatch in hand is showing the time in red while the boy was wiping with a piece of cloth near the fastag sticker.

When we reached the cyber security expert Dinesh to hear about this video, “a reader would be there in the toll gates to scan the fastag in the vehicles. If that reader does not work they use something like a gun to scan it. But, what is shown in this video is completely false. They took the video in order to make it viral.

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FASTag (RFID Tag) has a lot of security vulnerabilities, including threats. But it is not so easy to scan with a smartwatch to take the money. This is a fake video”, he said.

The video went viral on social media after which cybersecurity and ethical hackers posted on Twitter that the video of the fastag sticker being scanned by a smartwatch is fake.


The viral video and news on the boy scanning the Fastag sticker with the smartwatch in his hand as if wiping the windscreen of the car are fake.

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