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Did the father marry his daughter and the mother marry her son ?


The father married his daughter. The mother married her son out of anger.

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Two pictures where a small girl is wearing garlands with a man and a woman with a small boy wearing garlands are merged and circulated on social media claiming that the father married his daughter in a Muslim family and the mother too married her son out of anger. But the details of the person is not mentioned in the claimed post. Hence we decided to fact-check it.

What is the Truth?

When the first photo of a small girl with a man is reverse searched, an Islamic Facebook page has posted it in 2016 mentioning, “Congratulations… Marshalled. Father and daughter graduated from the same class (became Hafiz-ul-Quran)”.

Similarly, a website named Islamic Board has published the same picture with the same description in 2016. This picture was viral on social media congratulating the father-daughter duo in English and Urdu.

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When the second picture of a small boy with a woman is reverse searched, October 2020 dated Facebook post is seen with two similar pictures mentioning as, “My son has completed Quran today”, in Urdu. These pictures were shared congratulating the post of the woman on her son’s Quran completion in 2020.

It is usual in the Muslim community to celebrate the completion of reading the Holy Quran by wearing garlands to the kids and their parents. Several photos and videos can be seen relating to the celebration. But these pictures are spread with misinformation as marriage.

However, we could not get the exact details of the people in both pictures. The pictures that went viral on social media in the past few years are merged and claimed as marriage within a family.


Pictures claiming that the father married his daughter and the mother too marry her son out of anger are fake. The claim that they were married is false. The first picture went viral relating to Quran reading in 2016 and the second one was viral in 2020.

The celebration of Quran reading by wearing garlands is falsely claimed as they got married.

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