No, he is not a father who made his daughter an ASI by driving an auto rickshaw


Father made his daughter ASI with the money earned by driving rickshaw, salute to this father’s thinking…

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An image of a woman riding an auto rickshaw carrying a man is shared on Facebook with the claim that he is her father and he made his daughter an ASI by driving an auto rickshaw.

This image is being shared on social media since 2018. Posts with a similar claim can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the image closely, the man can be seen carrying a board on which ‘please follow Star Masons’ is written. When searching with the keyword ‘Star Masons’ we found an Instagram page named ‘Star Masons’. When going through the page we found a matching image posted on 15, January 2016. The profile has several photos with different people carrying similar boards mentioning ‘follow Star Masons’.

The actor Simran Kaur Mundi’s name was mentioned in the image. When searching her profile, we found a recent post of hers mentioning that she is not an ASI and he is not her father.

The same clarification was posted on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. She mentioned ‘114comments of which majority r congratulations this is proof people these days blindly believe anything and everything they read on #socialmedia school!! And this is apparently a “news portal” #FactCheck anyone? He is not my father and i am not ASI #FakeNews’ in her posts.

Though there were incidents where auto rickshaw drivers earn by driving and sometimes selling their vehicles for their daughter’s study, this particular image is irrelevant and the claim is not true.


The image shared with the claim that a father made her daughter an ASI by driving an auto rickshaw is irrelevant and fake.

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