FIFA is not preserving Pele’s feet in the Museum


FIFA will keep Pele’s feet in their museum

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The legendary Brazilian football player Pele passed away at 82 on 29, December 2022. Following his death, it is viral on social media platforms that his feet will be kept at the Museum. It is insinuated that FIFA had already got permission to preserve Pele’s feet in the Museum from his family. Such posts can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

Pele was buried at a cemetery on 3, January 2023 in Brazil. But no information on preserving his feet at FIFA Museum is found. The ‘FIFA Museum’ website shows two illustrations of Pele from the 1958 and 1970 FIFA World Cup, Novelty banknotes from 1962 with portraits of Pele and other two players, box with a set of matchbooks depicting Brazil’s Golden Team including Pele and a tracksuit top worn by Pele during 1958 FIFA World Cup finals in Sweden as “Pele’s legacy at the FIFA Museum”, but not his feet.

The viral posts have mentioned ‘TNT Sports Brazil’ as the source but we could not find any such news reported by TNT Sports.

Pele’s footprints can be seen in the Maracana Hall of Fame in Rio. The Getty Images website published the footprints of Brazilian best-known soccer players and Pele’s footprint can be seen here.

A Twitter user Thomas Holzapfel posted an image of Pele’s footprint on 30, December 2022, a day after Pele’s death.

But no news of FIFA preserving Pele’s feet is found.


It is found that FIFA is not preserving Pele’s feet in the Museum as claimed.

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