A Jharkhand labourer killed another from Bihar in Tirupur. But media from Northern states of India spreads fake news


Families of laborers who returned to Jamui are in shock, Tamil Nadu police lied – this is not an attack, it is a fight



It is being falsely spread on social media platforms that Tamil Nadu lacks the safety and protection for the labourers from the Northern states of India.

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Multiple old and unrelated videos are shared to claim that migrants are being attacked and killed in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government and the police assured that the migrants are safe and have asked not to spread or believe in rumours.

Meanwhile, Dainik Bhaskar has reported that the Tamil Nadu government is lying that no attacks on Biharis have happened in Tamil Nadu. The report further mentions that a Bihari migrant named Pawan Yadav was killed in Tamil Nadu.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, the Dinamani article dated 20, February 2023 titled in Tamil roughly translated as “Bihar youth killed in Tirupur” is found reporting about the incident of Pawan Yadav’a murder.

Pawan Yadav, from Bihar, lived in PM Complex in Tirupur’s Weaver Colony. Upendradhari from Jharkhand was also living in the same complex with his family. Upendradhari went to Pawan Yadav’s place to question him on 19, February 2023 as he suspected that Pawan Yadav is in an illegal relationship with his wife.

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They both fought with each other and Upendradhari ended up stabbing Pawan Yadav with a sickle. Pawan Yadav was admitted to Coimbatore government hospital but he succumbed to the injuries later. The news article further reported that the police of Tirupur North have registered a complaint and the investigation is under process.

With further search, we accessed the FIR copy which also confirms that Pawan Yadav from Bihar was killed by Upendradhari from Jharkhand in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. The FIR also includes the statement of Pawan Yadav’s brother Niraj Kumar which reads that Upendradhari is absconding after stabbing Pawan Yadav. A special team was formed to search for Upendradhari in this issue.

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The Hindu Tamil article dated 24, February 2023 reported that Upendra was arrested in Jharkhand’s Dhanbad.

Soon after misinformation started spreading relating to this incident, Tirupur DGP Abhishek Gupta shared a video detailing the real incident. This proves that the Bihar labourer was killed by another labourer from Jharkhand and was also arrested by Tirupur police later.


It is found that Dainik Bhaskar’s claim that ‘Tamil Nadu Police is lying as if no attacks on Bihar migrants have happened in Tamil Nadu’ is false.

It is evident that the Bihar labourer was killed by another labourer from Jharkhand in Tirupur.

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