Fight over bridge height falsely shared as farmer protesters are fighting for money.


The distribution of money should be equal. Khalistani farmers started fighting among themselves.

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The protestors who used violence and caused property damage during the farmers’ protest along the Punjab-Haryana border will have their passports and visas revoked, according to the Haryana Police. The police have identified people responsible for acts of violence, and steps will be taken to revoke their visas and passports, Ambala DSP Jogindeer Sharma told the reporters.

Meanwhile, a 55-second viral video is purporting on X (formerly Twitter), and in the video, we can see a Sikh man saying, “1 crore rupees will be saved, from that 5 lakhs will be given to you”, then suddenly a person who is sitting opposite to the Sikh man stands up and says, “I’m leaving this meeting right away.” He said, “Who are you to tell me I’m corrupt?” Then the Sikh man says, “I’m not going to leave you.” All the Sikh man supporters started saying “we can beat him with sticks, then only he can come in our way.” This video is shared to claim that it is from the ongoing farmers protest.

A similar viral video was widely shared by BJP representatives and supporters and can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search, and we found a similar video from a different angle that was posted by the official Facebook account of Gurnam Singh Charuni on January 31, 2024.

The description of the post states, ‘The bridge on the farm road was built by digging 1 meter below the road so that less soil had to be poured. Clash with officials

I will punish the NHAI officer who exposes the officer regarding the construction of new road crossings and culverts’.

According to this, in this original full video, we found that all the people are discussing why the underpass bridge was built there, and then government personnel is heard saying that they will be there for the next fifteen years. He further said, “Need not worry, sir. We are working 24×7 to complete this”, after which Sikh man says, “if we are not able to be here, you guys would have illegally built this fully and later inform us. Seriously, shame on your engineering”. The official is heard answering, “don’t insult our work, sir. We are working very hard.”

Sikh replied to the government official that 1 crore will be saved from the project and 5 lakhs will be taken by the official. That government official said, “don’t bluntly say we are corrupt, and now enough, I’m leaving this meeting.”

According to this, we found It’s a land dispute between landowners and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) officers but has been falsely linked with ongoing farmer protests.


The viral video is old and is of an argument between landowners and NHAI officials, but is falsely tied to the ongoing farmer protest.

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