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A video going viral stating the lungs can inhale oxygen if you wear a mask… What is the truth?


Fire requires oxygen to burn… Do not damage your lungs with a mask… This fire is your life!

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A video has been shared on social media, Claiming that wearing a mask prevents oxygen from reaching the lungs. 

A little girl ignites a candle into a glass jar. He closes the flask tightly with a mask as the fire burns. After a while, the fire goes out. The person who uploaded this video said, “Don’t ruin your lungs with a face mask”.

Fact Check:

Everyone knows that fire requires oxygen to burn. The percentage of oxygen in the air is 21%. Candle fires require at least 18.8% oxygen in the air. Put the mask on the small flame burning flame and close the airflow tightly to extinguish the fire. The human lung does not have those criteria. Oxygen is provided exclusively in medical conditions. So comparing the candle and the lungs are totally absurd.

The mask does not completely restrict airflow except as a filter that reduces small particles depending on the size of the particles. A cloth-like mask will reduce dust entry, while N95-like will reduce viruses and bacteria. The reason for advising to wear a mask is to control the spread of the virus from one person to another.

We humans breathe even when we wear a mask. When we breathe in, we inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide. This process continues even when the mask is worn. But, there is no way to pull the air into the flask, we just take the air. Internationally, doctors and medical reports continue to deny reports that wearing a mask reduces oxygen levels.

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In the previous article we linked to videos where doctors tested whether wearing different types of masks reduces oxygen levels.

You can see the video posted last year on the site showing the test showing a slower rate of infection when wearing a mask than when not wearing a mask.

Still, others say that wearing a mask and blowing fast makes it difficult to get even carbon dioxide out. We mentioned this in the previous article.

“Exhaust air contains a concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) when the mask is worn. This is 10 times smaller than the mask’s hole. But, it exits through the holes in the mask. It does not control ventilation. The concentration in the inhaled air is mixed compared to atmospheric air but does not cause any problems with the oxygen level.

Cloth mask and surgical mask are less dangerous than N95. The N95 mask can increase the amount of CO2 in the inhaled air because health workers wear it for a long time, but it does not change the level of O2. Thus they may have fatigue and headaches. But it does not reduce the level of O2 in the blood or air, ”Dr. Praveen said in a previous article.

Health workers carry out their work for many hours wearing not only masks but also various safety equipment. Perhaps if the mask masks stop the oxygen flow, the doctors on duty will look for an alternative. But until now, doctors have been advising the public to wear a mask.


The mask is recommended to reduce the speed of infection transmission from one person to another. Wearing a mask can cause irritation and stress for some people. But doctors and scientists continue to say that wearing a mask does not reduce oxygen. However, some misinformation continues to spread on social networking sites. People need to be alert to misinformation.

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