A video of a father-daughter duo celebrating her ‘First Communion’ is shared with false claims


A Muslim man is marrying his daughter

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A video clip of a man wearing a ring to a young girl is extremely viral with the claim that it is a Muslim man and that he is marrying his daughter. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. Some of the posts mention that he is a 50-year-old man and the girl is 9 years old. This video is shared in the context of ridiculing the culture of Islam.

What is the truth?

When skimming through the comments section we found multiple users mentioning that the claim is fake. We also found the original video published on the Instagram account of a user named Gino Coppola. This particular video is captioned as “I will be your knight forever, I love you so much daddy”. This proves that they are indeed a father-daughter duo. The person in the video is identified as Gino Coppola.

When searching his Instagram profile, we found multiple visuals from the same ceremony. One such post shows Gino Coppola with his wife and daughter. He also tagged his wife Rosy Rey and his daughter Danila Coppola in the post. The post is captioned, “Congratulations to our baby on her first communion!!” And another post showing his daughter is found with the caption “Today you will receive your second sacrament.. ‘your first communion’ I wish you all the best in this world, you are my life I love you”.

We also found another post of his family photo with the caption translated as “Daddy on my communion day I wanna be a princess!! These were your words, and the words given are kept!! Even if you are to us everyday!!! I hope I satisfied you we love you”.

When searching for ‘First Communion’, we found that it is a religious ceremony performed in church by Catholic community people when the child reaches the age of around 7-8 years. It is also a time for families to come together and celebrate their divine communion with god. First Communion is said to be most common in Catholic church.


The video of a father presenting a ring to his daughter during her first communion celebration is falsely shared in the context that a Muslim man is marrying his daughter.

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