Is the flying witch caught on camera real?


In a mystery, the video is becoming increasingly viral, the young man captured the video of a ghost in a mobile camera, the video is being told of the colony built near the cemetery near the Kasampur gate of Meerut, the young man listening to the cry of the pet dog looked outside the house. @meerutpolice verify

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A video is shared on social media with the claim that a flying witch was caught on camera. But the location of the video captured or the place of the incident occurred varied with each tweet. This video footage seems to be viral across many countries. Some of the tweets with such claims can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral footage, it is found that the video was published on 27, August 2022 on ‘Joseph Njovu visuals’ Youtube channel with the title ‘Witch caught on Camera | VFX breakdown Cinema 4d and after effects’. The description part mentions ‘Here is a VFX breakdown of my recent witch caught on camera, I got the animation from Mixamo, and cloth was made in marvelous designer’.

The same Youtube channel published another video on 24, September 2022 with the title ‘VFX tutorial | flying witch caught on camera Cinema 4d and after effects’ with a detailed explanation of making the video.

The Youtube channel’s about page mentions that they are a magical effects studio channel that teaches VFX from beginner to advanced level.

Another Youtube channel ‘UNCLE JAY COMEDY’ published this video on 28, August 2022.


It is found that a video created with VFX is shared with the claim that a flying witch was caught on camera.

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