Is the DMK government responsible for stopping car production in the Ford factory? If so, in Gujarat?


I don’t know how many more factories like this will be closed in this vidiyal regime…

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Ford factory in Maraimalainagar, Chennai, has completed production of its last car. It was reported in the media that the Chennai Ford factory, which has been operating for more than 20 years, will be closed on July 31.

After this news started spreading, Nirmal Kumar of Tamil Nadu BJP posted on Twitter that how many more factories are going to be closed under the DMK regime. Subsequently, many people are sharing it on social media.

What is the truth?

If BJP member’s say is to be considered, Ford should have stopped production only in Maraimalainagar, Chennai. However, the company has also stopped production at another plant in Gujarat. Last year, Ford India announced that it would stop production at its Chennai and Sanand plants.

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On September 9, 2021, Ford India announced, “Ford Restructures India Operations: To cease vehicle manufacturing in Chennai & Sanand; Progressively wind-down manufacturing of vehicles for export at Sanand plant by Q4 2021 & Chennai engine/vehicle assembly plants by Q2, 2022; To continue engine manufacturing for export.”

It is said that the Ford company, which has been affected by the continuous impact of low sales and Corona, has suffered a loss of 200 crore rupees. Due to this, two factories in India have stopped production. However, it was said that Ford cars would be imported for customers.

Subsequently, the state government approved the purchase of Ford’s Gujarat Sanand plant by Tata Motor Company in May 2022.


Our search revealed that not only the Ford factory in Maraimalainagar, Chennai has been shut down, but another plant in Gujarat has also stopped production and closed down. But it is being wrongly spread that Ford company is closed in Tamilnadu because of the DMK government.

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