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2G Spectrum Issue: Why did former CAG Vinod Rai apologise ?


Whatever I said related to the 2G issue is false – Former CAG Vinod Rai apologised in Delhi High Court.




An audit report was released mentioning that there was a loss of Rs.1.76 lakh crore during the Congress regime in connection with the sale of the 2G spectrum license for a very cheap price. Vinod Rai was the main reason behind the 2G spectrum impact.

A.Raja, Kanimozhi went to Tihar jail in this case. But CBI Court special Justice O.P.Saini has given a verdict to release everyone related to the issue. OP Saini, “CBI failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove the crime related to 2G. I was waiting for the proofs for the last few years”, has said post-verdict. However, the case was appealed again. Now, a piece of news on Former CAG Vinod Rai apologised for providing false information related to the 2G issue created outrage. This has created an impact among political circles and on social media.

October 28 dated Kalaignar Seidhigal reports, “Former CAG Vinod Rai tendered an unconditional apology in Delhi court for providing misinformation related to 2G issue”. Memes based on this news card and posts regarding the news are viral on social media.

But DMK Supporters seem to share posts and memes relating A.Raja and Kanimozhi and claiming that Vinod Rai revealed that whatever he said relating to the 2G issue is false, is viral.

What is the Truth?

The Former CAG Vinod Rai apologised for providing misinformation in an interview about a Congress MP relating to the 2G issue, and not relating to DMK.

In September 2014, in an interview with Arnab Goswami for Times of India, Vinod Rai, “Congress MPs Sanjay Nirupam, Sandeep and Aswini pressurised me to keep the then PM Manmohan Singh’s name away from the audit report of 2G issue”, said.

Sanjay Nirupam filed a defamation suit against Vinod Rai in Delhi court. Now, Vinod Rai has apologised to Sanjay Nirupam for his statement in a written format which Sanjay has posted on his Twitter handle.

In the said affidavit it is mentioned as, “I have realised that I had inadvertently and wrongly mentioned the name of Shri Sanjay Nirupam as one of the MPs who pressurised me to keep the then PM Dr Manmohan Singh’s name out of the CAG report on 2-G Spectrum allocation during the meetings in the PAC or the sidelines of the JOC etc., The statements made by me against Sanjay Nirupam as televised and published as above stated are factually incorrect. I understand the pain and agony my statements have caused to Sanjay Nirupam, his family and well wishes and thus would like to offer my unconditional apology for the hurt caused by my such statements to Sanjay Nirupam, his family, friends and his well-wishers. I hope that Sanjay Nirupam will consider and accept my aforesaid unconditional apology and close the issue”.


The Former CAG Vinod Rai did not say in Delhi court that whatever he said related to the 2G spectrum issue is false. He apologised in the case filed against him for saying in an interview that Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam pressurised him to keep the then PM Manmohan Singh’s name from the audit report of the 2G spectrum issue. He mentioned that what he spoke against Sanjay Nirupam in the interview is misinformation.

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