This article is from Oct 31, 2020

Did the French government hit the Muslims who were praying with water cannons?


The French government attacks Muslims using water and tear gas to prevent them from praying peacefully. In fact, what we need to fight against the extremists of the world, not against the gangs in the cow brain. Sangis are not a thing for us.

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President Macron has described the killing of a teacher in France for showing students a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed as an “Islamic terrorist attack.” His remarks drew condemnation from Islamists in various countries. Struggles are also taking place.

Meanwhile, the video has gone viral in India as the French government pours water on Muslims praying peacefully. We decided to explore the authenticity of this video.

Fact Check:

When taking a screenshot from a video going viral in India and doing a reverse image search, as reported in the area of language yukacekova Turkey after Friday prayers during the struggle, tear gas, water cannon is to dissolve the police revealed that the local population.

The video was released on November 9, 2012 on the YouTube channel Yüksekova Haber Portal under the title “Gaz bombalı‘ civil Cuma namazı – Yüksekova – Gever “.

The website has published a number of photos of people protesting in Yugoslavia, Turkey, being beaten up by water.


In our search, the video taken during the post-prayer protests in Turkey 8 years ago when people there were trying to disperse with the water cannons is being misrepresented as having taken place in France.

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