This article is from May 18, 2021

Dogs eating the bodies floating on the banks of the Ganges… Old photos going viral!


It is a pity that dogs eating human bodies in the country where humans got killed for beef!

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Two photos of dogs biting the bodies of dead people on the banks of a river have gone viral on social media with the persistent message, “Dogs eating human bodies in the country where humans got killed for beef!”

Fact Check:

Among the viral photos, the dog-biting body found on the river bank features the name of the photo sales site “alamy”. While searching for it, I was able to find a photo that went viral on the alamy site.

However, the photo was taken in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in 2008.

A reverse image of a dog biting a body on the riverbank has been posted on Gettyimages, a photo-selling site, entitled “An unidentified dead body in Varanasi”. It is mentioned that it was taken in 2012.

The bodies of the dead have been found floating in the Ganges River in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, followed by reports of bodies being buried in the sand on the banks of the Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.

News and videos of incidents of dogs being bitten and dragged away by bodies floating in the river and buried in the river sand have gone viral. But old photos are also going viral in connection with recent events.

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In our search, we came to know that these two photos claiming that dogs eating dead bodies in Uttar Pradesh were taken 8 and 13 years ago in Varanasi.

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