Gaza strip make-up artist’s fake injury project is falsely linked to Israel-Hamas war.


Welcome to Islamic University of Victim Card. Here you can learn how to do full makeup and cry using chemical and then blame #ISRAEL. This University has special discount for women and small children.

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In the 26 second viral video we were able see many people applying  make up which appears that they have injuries and been under attack. They use a syringe and intake the red colour chemicals and put in the face and cheeks which looks mostly like a blood injury. Some people even do the medical assistance for these persons and there are some ambulances around this scenario.

This post is shared with a claim stating ‘Welcome to the Islamic university of playing the victim card. Here you can do full makeup and cry using the chemical and blame Israel.’ Many social media users have also shared this same post with similar claims can be seen here, here, and here. This video was circulated in the midst of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Come let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the keyframes of the viral video, it led us to the YouTube channel namely, “TRT World.” TRT is a Turkish public Broadcast service.

The 2-minute 15-second video was uploaded on 2 March 2017, where we can hear the host saying that “there are not many film productions in the Gaza Strip but that didn’t stop makeup artist Mariam Salah from following her dream, she taught herself to make fake blood for Palestinian films breaking into a business traditionally run by men we’re on a film set in the Gaza Strip makeup artist Maryam salah is creating horrific-looking injuries on actors taking part in a project by French charity doctors of the world they hope to raise awareness of the dangers faced by Gaza residents.”

When we looked through the makeup artist’s Instagram handle we can see those similar makeup on hand, leg, face fingers and so many other various forms of art as injuries.

This clearly proves that the viral video is old and from 2017 when the Gaza Strip makeup artist Mariam Salah and her team were creating fake injuries on actors taking part in a project by the French charity, Doctors of the World. Also, we can see the logo of “Médecins du Monde” on the people’s backside of the vest in the video. It’s a french word meaning “Doctors of the World.”

Likewise when we observed closer to the viral clip we can clearly see that, there is a banner hanging mentioned as “Simulation” and ambulance picture in the white poster.

This again proves that the makeup artist Mariam Salah created those fake injuries as a part of the simulation along with the French charity, doctors and its no way related to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.


Therefore, with the available evidence we conclude that the above video is a project carried out by the French charity, Doctors of the world with the Gaza Strip makeup artist and her team in 2017. This proves that the video is old and has no connection to the Israel and Hamas war.

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