This is not a Goan Catholic Priest. He is a Polish Actor !


A Goan Catholic priest from a family of 400 years in Xianity,Fr Anthony Fernandes, left Christianity , returned to Sanatan Dharma. During Gharwapasi at Ram Krishna Temple , he revealed the reason why left Christianity — He needs a space to live with truth , he is tired of living 24X7 Lie even in sleep.

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Several users in social media are sharing this picture of a priest in a Green outfit in a church and claim that the priest in the picture is Fr.Anthony Fernandes and he had left Chrisitianity to become a Hindu. All the tweets mention that there was a public ceremony in Ram Krishna Temple but the name of the city was not included.

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What’s the truth?

We ran a keyword search using the terms Anthony Fernandes, Priest, Hinduism, convert to find out if there are some articles from verifiable and reputable news outlets but there weren’t any.

So, we took the image and reverse searched it and we were taken to a Polish Website. The translated version of the article meantions, “The 28th season of “Father Matthew” will debut on TVP1 at the beginning of September. The crime series will be available to watch every Friday at a fixed time. Artur Żmijewski, who plays the main role, also this time undertook the task of directing some episodes of the series.”

The Polish actor Artur Żmijewski is playing the character of “Father Mathew” in the show “Ojciec Mateusz” running since 2008. This show is the Polish adaptation of an Italian show “Don Matteo” which first aired in 2000.

The article dated 05.08.2022 contains the image that is being used to claim that a Goan Catholic Priest named Anthony Fernandes has converted to Hinduism. It is quite evident that a still from a show is taken to create a fake story that a priest has converted to Hinduism. 


In our search, we find that the claim that a Goan Priest Anthony Fernandes converted to Hinduism is false. An image from a Polish TV series is taken to create a fake narrative that a Priest in Goa had converted to Hinduism.

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