Viral photoshopped image as “GoBackModi” on railway station name plate!




Prime Minister Narendra Modi is arriving in Chennai on May 26 for a one-day visit. At the event to be held at the Nehru Stadium in Chennai, he is set to launch various projects, including new projects of the National Highways Department and the Railway Department.

The hashtag “GoBackModi” has been trending on social networking sites, including Twitter, in protest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tamil Nadu. In this situation, a photo has gone viral on Twitter saying that the nameplate at the railway station in Tamil Nadu reads “Tamilnadu Says Go Back Modi, we Hate You”.

What is the truth?

Thephoto with “GoBackModi” written on the nameplate of the train station is edited. While doing a reverse image search for the image, in 2016, Business Insider posted a collection of photos taken by photographer Ed Hanley during the Assam Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express voyage. It features an unedited version of the real photo.

Photographer Ed Hanley’s picture of the nameplate taken at Kanyakumari railway station is edited as “GoBackModi”.


It is apparent that the nameplate photo of the railway station which is being spread as “GoBackModi” in protest of Prime Minister Modi coming to Tamil Nadu has been edited.

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