Old photos from Israel and Telangana are used to claim Gold found in Mangalore.


Mangalore Central Market Renovation, during demolition and excavation old ornaments, gold coins and gold bars were found.

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Mangalore Central Market is under renovation and the destruction of the old market building was started in May 2021 and the leveling has been complete and construction of the new market complex will be completed in 3 years as per the news reports. As the work for the Mangalore Central Market is going on, a social media post has claimed that a gold treasure of coins, ornaments and biscuits were found during excavation process.

What’s the truth?

We ran a reverse image search on the images posted in the social media post. These coins in the image are excavated in Israel. A collection of 425 complete gold coins were found, most of those coins dating back to the Abbasid period around 850 AD. Various international news outlets have covered it which can be seen here and here.

Similarly, another image showing a pot full of gold ornaments can be traced back to Telangana. According to a news report from ‘The Independent’, a treasure trove was discovered by a realtor while leveling the land in Telangana’s Jangaon district. A news article from The News Minute was also published in April 2021 using the image shared in the Facebook post. Hence these are not recent images found in Mangalore as claimed.

We were not able to track the image from the Facebook post showing a person holding gold bars. We were able to find a similar image in a 2019 article from ‘Hindustan Times’ but the origin of the exact image is still unknown. We will update this article if we are able to find the origins of the image. There has been no such news about gold being found in Mangalore Central Market area in any of the established news outlets.


The claims made by this social media post that gold coins, ornaments, bars were found during leveling, and excavation of Mangalore Central Market is fake.

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