North Indians protest against giving jobs to Tamils ​​near Gobi. What is the truth?


North Indians protest against giving jobs to local Tamil workers in Gobichettipalayam claiming that they are being struggled.

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News cards of One India and News Tamil 24 × 7 have gone viral on social media, claiming that North Indians should not be given jobs at the private spinning mill near Gobichettipalayam and that their livelihoods would be affected.

What is the truth?

“More than 100 male and female workers from northern states including Odisha and Jharkhand are working in a private spinning mill operating in Vellalapalayam area near Gopichettipalayam in Erode district.

A few days ago, Kasarab, a labourer from Odisha who was working in the private spinning mill, went missing. Subsequently, the labourers lodged a complaint at the Gopichettipalayam police station a few days ago that the labourer was missing. A case has been registered and they are searching for the missing worker.

In this situation, more than 100 workers went on a sit-in protest, denouncing the company for not cooperating with the police to find the missing worker”, reported Dinathanthi and Etv Bharat.

However, when we contacted the Gobichettipalayam police about the claim that North Indians were protesting against providing jobs for local Tamils, they refused.

According to the police who are investigating the incident, “We have registered an FIR based on the complaint lodged by the workers at the police station that a 21-year-old worker named Kasarab is missing. In this case, they protested from inside to draw attention and then went to work.

The media reports that the North Indians were involved in the protest against providing jobs to the local people were false. Local and other state workers are already working at the mill.


The claim that North Indians were protesting against giving jobs to local workers in Gobichettipalayam was false. It is learned that the workers are engaged in a sit-in protest to find the missing North Indian worker there.

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