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10 crore sewerage project? Old video of BJP MP spreading with a false caption!


Gujarat BJP MP Poonamben, while dedicating to the public the 10-meter sewerage project that was laid in his constituency at a cost of Rs 10 crore.

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A video of Gujarat BJP MP Poonamben has been spreading on social media with a false caption as Poonamben falling into a canal while talking to a crowd at a public meeting when she dedicated the 10-meter sewerage project in his constituency at a cost of Rs 10 crore to the public.

Many DMK supporters are sharing this video on Facebook groups. Similarly, many people have been sharing this video criticizing that the plan to spend Rs 10 crore is going to waste.

Fact Check:

Some social media users claim that BJP MP Poonamben fell into the canal while dedicating a Rs 10 crore sewerage project to the public are false information. Depending on the politics it must be deliberately cohesive. The video of Gujarat BJP MP Poonampen falling into the canal in 2016 has been widely circulated for the past few years.

In May 2016, locals protested against the demolition work carried out by government officials to clear illegal settlements in the Jalaram slum area in Jamnagar and clashed with staff.

On learning this, MP Poonampen of Jamnagar constituency in Gujarat, while negotiating with the people there. At that time cement boards on which she was standing suddenly collapsed and fell into the sewer. Poonamben sustained severe head injuries after falling from a height of more than 8 feet. Those who were near him in the accident also fell down.

In July 2019, the same video went viral as the District Collector of Gujarat fell into a sewer. This is not something to be laughed at.


In our search, the video circulating that Gujarat BJP MP Poonamben fell while dedicating a 10m sewer canal project set up at a cost of Rs 10 crore to the public in his constituency is a false and old video. It is learned that this old video is being spread politically.


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