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Are corona patients treated on the ground in Gujarat?


Gujarat model. Patients affected by corona in Rajkot, Gujarat.

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The following 0.32-second video of corona victims being treated on the ground without hospital facilities in Rajkot, Gujarat has been shared on thousands of social networking sites.

In the video, some people are lying separately leaving space in the factory-like area. They have something like glucose loaded through the strip. Those who were there were also able to see that there were pills and medicines needed. Readers are being asked about the authenticity of this video.

Fact Check:

Searching for keywords related to the viral video, “The Times of India reported on April 3 with a photo of the woman featured in the viral video.

A video of workers lying on the floor of a ceramic factory with strips in their hands has reportedly raised questions about the health structure of Morbi (Gujarat), also known as the city of ceramics.

Arun Patel , the owner of the Caption Tiles factory, which treats workers on the floor, said, “None of them are corona patients. Two days ago we took 4 to 5 workers to a private hospital because they said they had a fever and a cough. Doctors said there was no room in the hospital and advised to be kept out of the hospital for treatment due to corona fear. They have a negative corona test, ”he told the Times of India and VTV Gujarati.

Again the number of patients in hospitals is increasing as the coronavirus infection is on the rise. At the same time, the fact that the hospital does not have the space to treat patients who go in with fever and malaise is one of the reasons for such incidents.


In our search, those in the video that is being circulated as a treatment condition for corona victims in the Rajkot area of ​​Gujarat are not corona patients.

The video of them lying on the floor of a factory in the Morbi area of ​​Gujarat and treating workers without any facilities is being misrepresented.

However, since the corona spreads there is no space in the hospital, it is possible that people suffering from fever and cough are being treated by lying on the floor of the tiles factory.


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