Gujarat’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration video is falsely shared as Telangana election rally


Rallies by Congress are better than major music performers performing live!!! #TelanganaElections2023

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A lively crowd dancing to a DJ was captured on camera, and it quickly went viral on social media as Telangana prepared for today’s elections. This was allegedly an election campaign run by the state’s Congress party. An election song for Telangana Congress leader and MP Revanth Reddy is featured in the background of the video.

The post is shared with a caption stating, “Rallies by Congress are better compared to music live performances.” This same video was also shared by an Instagram user namely @revanth_reddy_anumula_offical without any title can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

On reverse searching, the video’s keyframes and pertinent keywords yielded an identical video. The video was uploaded on September 19 by “DJ Hiiren” along with “Mr.Dhamu_9173” on their Instagram handles with a different song playing in the background.

When we examined the uploaded video, we discovered that several hashtags, including godhra, godhracity, godhra_ganesh_festival, godhra_city, and godhranews, had been added to the post. Upon examining the dates, we discovered that they coincide with this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, which were held from September 18 to September 28.

While watching this video, we also noticed a ‘Ganesha idol’ on one side of the crowd and the shop name, “Guru Kripa” written in Gujarati.

We took that as a cue and looked up “Guru Kripa” in the Gujarati municipality of Godhra and discovered the road’s Google Street View. The street in the video is Panjarapole Road in Godhra, Gujarat, according to Google Maps.

All this above information confirms that the circulated video is a Ganesh Chaturthi celebration that happened in Godhra, Gujarat, and is unrelated to the ongoing elections in Telangana.


As a result, we draw the conclusion that the widely circulated assertion that the video is from a Telangana Congress rally is untrue. The video is actually from Godhra, Gujarat, around the time of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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