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The truth about photos which is spreading as the situation in Gujarat Hospital?


Gujarat Hospital!

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More than 2 lakh people are infected with the coronavirus in India every day. Treating two patients in the same bed without accommodation in hospitals to treat them, keeping them out of the hospital, the plight of the bodies of the dead is being reported on media and social media.

Meanwhile, a collection of photos of multiple patients in the same bed and patients waiting outside the hospital is going viral on social media as is the situation in Gujarat, which has a statute worth Rs 3,000 crore.

Fact check:

When reverse image this, the viral image was found on April 15, NDTV, Economic Times and other news outlets reported that the first photo of two patients in the same bed wearing an oxygen mask.

Delhi Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayanan Hospital is one of the largest corona treatment hospitals in India with 1500 beds. NDTV News has published photos of patients being treated in two beds.

Next, a photo of 3 people including an old woman in the same bed is being widely circulated on social media sites like Gujarat Hospital. While searching for the photo in reverse image, no news was available as to whether the photo is from Gujarat or any other state.

Instead, on April 14, Neetu Garg posted a photo on his Twitter page questioning the state chief minister for claiming that the photo was from Maharashtra. He himself has mentioned that Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah are following Neetu Garg’s Twitter page.

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In Neetu Garg’s post, someone posted that this photo has been circulating on social media sites for a few days as Gujarat Hospital. From another Twitter page, it is written in Marathi on the bed board. This is Maharashtra, not Gujarat. ”

To find out if this is true, I approached someone who knew Marathi and asked him what language “”ेड नं .२” on the bed board said, “It is Marathi and it is written as bed number 2.” In Mumbai, Marathi is mostly used. ”  

Next, while searching for a photo of many patients waiting outside the hospital, they point out that the patients were waiting outside because of the lack of space inside the photo gallery of the Gujarati news on VTV Gujarati on April 9. No other news available.

In Gujarat, there were reports of bedridden patients and lack of oxygen due to the increasing number of corona victims. Similarly, the waiting of several ambulances with corona patients outside the Gujarat hospital received controversy and condemnation.

Responding to this, Civil Hospital Superintendent Dr. JV Modi said, “The Civil Hospital makes every effort to save every patient. It has nothing to do with the order of the ambulance and the performance of the civil hospital. We can’t avoid protocols just because the ambulance is in line, ”NDTV reported.


In our search, we were able to find a collection of photographs taken in Delhi, Maharashtra and some photos also taken in Gujarat too in a collection of photographs of the condition of corona patients at Gujarat Hospital.

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