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Demolition of a dargah in Guntur shared as a 40-year-old Naga temple


40 years old Naga temple attached by peaceful people at

Guntur constituency of andhra pradesh 17th ward.

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A video of a person trying to demolish a fence is shared widely with a claim that Muslims are attacking the 40-year-old Naga temple in Guntur’s 17th constituency, Andhra Pradesh. Social media users and news portals are seen sharing this post and some of them can be viewed here, here and here.

What is the truth?

A total of four videos are seen circulated along with the claim. When the videos are watched closely, Islamic symbols are seen on the building.

While searching with the keywords from the claim, the ‘zee news’ article dated 16th October 2022 with the title “Guntur: Attempt to demolish a dargah” is found. It has the viral footage published in its news video. The visuals match perfectly and it is known that it is an attempt to demolish a dargah in Guntur. It is also mentioned in the article that BJP is also voicing against the demolition where Muslims seem to demolish it.

Sunil Deodhar, National Secretary of BJP, tweeted that Muslims are destroying a ‘small dargah’ to build a ‘big mosque’ and that BJP will not allow it.

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With further search, ‘The New Indian Express’ article dated 17, October 2022 is found. The article mentioned, “Some unidentified persons reportedly attempted to demolish Bhaji Bhasha Nishani Dargah in LR Nagar in Guntur. On October 12, a few persons tried to demolish the dargah using hammers when the locals intervened and stopped them. According to sources, people belonging to all communities have been offering prayers at the dargah for the past 40 years”. The article also detailed the issue.


In our search, it is evident that it is not 40 year old Naga temple demolished in Guntur, but is a dargah which was demolished by Muslims in a clash to build a mosque in the same place.

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